DIY Tip Of The Week – Winterizing Windows

DIY Tip Of The Week - Winterizing Windows

Clean the Windows:

Start by cleaning the window frame and glass thoroughly. Any dirt or residue can prevent the tape from adhering well.

2. Measure and Cut the Film:

Measure the dimensions of the window you want to insulate.

Cut the window insulation film to fit the size of your window, leaving an extra inch or two on each side.

3. Apply Double-Sided Tape:

Apply the double-sided tape to the window frame. Make sure it’s placed evenly and sticks well.

4. Attach the Film:

Carefully place the cut film over the tape, starting from one corner.

Smooth out the film as you go to ensure it’s flat and wrinkle-free.

Shrink the Film:

Use a hair dryer on a low heat setting to warm up the film.

As the film warms, it will start to shrink and tighten.

Make sure it’s stretched taut to create an airtight seal.

6. Trim Excess Film:

Once the film is properly shrunk, use scissors or a utility knife to trim any excess film around the edges.

7. Repeat for Other Windows:

Repeat the process for all the windows you want to insulate.

DIY Tip Of The Week - Winterizing Windows